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Clogged toilets are a horrible experience and we can help you forget that experience. Call us and we will make that toilet flush. We can replace toilets, fix broken parts and unclog the problem. Our plumbing technicians have found many things in a toilet, and it doesn’t surprise them. They are fearless when it comes to clogged toilets.

A running toilet will cost you. Your water bill will be amazingly high if your toilet runs and doesn’t turn off. You can tell by the sound if it is continually trying to fill the tank. It should fill the tank and turn off. This should be a quick fix once we know which part to replace. Some toilets are special and will need special parts but most of the time the technicians will have the parts on their vehicle.

Leaking toilets can have many causes. The wax ring is a gasket that seals the drain to the toilet. This can have gross symptoms. Smells, mysterious water seeping from the base of the toilet, we can fix that in a jiffy. If your toilet is leaking at the supply line we can fix that too.

Sometimes toilets just need replacing their parts are old and the seals just are breaking down. Sometimes they don’t flush well anymore. The industry have created much more efficient toilets that save on water. There are many toilets out there with different heights and bowl sizes. They have ones with built-in bidet. The bidet is the wave of the future. They can help with taking care of a sick family member or yourself. They also save on toilet paper. They have great benefits and we can install a bidet toilet. You can try a bidet seat to see if you would like to invest in a bidet toilet. These are highly recommended and some even have heated seats. Now, that’s a throne for a king.

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