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Air Conditioning is a closed loop system that exchanges heat over a coil filled with a coolant and it cools/conditions the air. The coolant r-22 has been linked to a hole in the atmosphere. So the industry has decided to stop producing it in 2020, therefore the cost is becoming extreme. I believe that this is how the government influences consumers to change something that was working for them to something less environmentally disruptive…we all want a healthy planet but we also want AIR CONDITIONING!

If you need to have the air conditioner repaired, please make sure you check the outside unit for ice. If the external part is a block of ice, please turn it off and tell the dispatcher that your air conditioner is or was iced up because our technicians want to get in, fix the issue, and get out. You will save us all time, gas and money.

Air conditioner replacements are our specialty…super fast installations, pretty results, and very cool air by technicians that care! Replacing your AC may be more economically friendly due to the rise in cost for certain freon. Our technicians can help figure this out.

With all the parts and pieces in this industry we like to carry stock but has become an unrealistic expectation on our technicians to have everything on their vehicles, so a repair may require a couple visits but relax its all under control, and we don’t want to hang out and waste your time or ours, for that matter. Get back to a cool life, give us a call, and get it done.